About us

Our company has been manufacturing chimney systems since 1992. We produce flue pipes for exhausting appliance gases, rigid and flexible flue liners made of high-quality stainless steel, lightweight concrete chimneys and façade chimneys in top quality. Besides manufacturing products, we also provide consultations and services. Our entire product range has been certified according to European standards EN 1856-1/2.

LCCh - Lightweight-concrete-chimneys:

Material: DIN 1.4404 – AISI 316L

We produce the LCChs using lightweight liapor-concrete blocks, equipping them with corrosion-resistant fittings and premium mineral insulation. They are versatile, systemic and highly durable modular chimney systems.

Lightweight concrete chimneys offer durability comparable to that of construction.

  • High resistance against chimney burnout and almost unlimited service life of stainless steel fittings,
  • Effortless and time-saving installation of the chimney,
  • They are suitable for modern passive houses due to their insulation properties,
  • The appliance can be supplied with air directly sucked in through the chimney,
  • Extended warranty of 10 years.

Lightweight concrete chimneys are suitable for family houses, as well as industrial buildings, where they can extract the combustion gases produced by appliances burning solid fuels (D3), light oils and wood (D2), gaseous fuels (D1 and W1 - dry and wet operation).

Chimney flue liners

We provide rigid and flexible flue liners for all types of fuels. The product meets the requirements for resistance to moisture, water absorption or aggressive environments and ensures the most extended possible appliance durability. In manufacturing rigid and flexible chimney flue liners, we use top-quality materials and comply with all regulations and standards.

Rigid chimney flue liners 06, 08 a 10

Material: DIN 1.4404 – AISI 316L

  • Easy and quick installation,
  • A comprehensive system for the construction and reconstruction of chimneys, i. e., a complete range of accessories (canopies, spark arrestors, draught excluders...),
  • Production of atypical dimensions and designs,
  • Wide range of possibilities for the use of fixed flue liners,
  • Fixed flue liners in P1 overpressure and N1 underpressure versions.

Flexible chimney flue liners–FLEX 04 and 2x012
Material: DIN 1.4404 – AISI 316L

These versatile chimney flue liners can be used in angled chimneys and anywhere you cannot install fixed pipes.

  • High flexibility and corrosion resistance,
  • A comprehensive range of individual components suitable for any solution,
  • Easy shaping of the flue,
  • Low weight,
  • Long service life.

Application of flexible chimney flue liners

FLEX 04 liners are suitable for installation in chimneys with N1 underpressure operation and represent the ideal choice for D2 and D3 solid fuel appliances. FLEX 2x012 liners are suitable for chimneys with N1 underpressure or P1 overpressure operation and are the perfect choice for all fuel appliances.

  • Gas D1,
  • Fuel gas and woodD2,
  • Coal D3.

The FLEX 04 liner is more resistant due to the thicker material and more flexible because of the different locking system. The entirely smooth inner wall of the FLEX 2x012 liner renders it suitable for W1 wet operation and P1 overpressure. At the same time, its threaded winding facilitates the assembly of screw-in components.

Façade chimneys

Material: DIN 1.4404 – AISI 316L

They can be installed in family houses and industrial buildings.

The façade chimney constitutes an excellent solution for constructing an additional chimney. Additional benefits:

  • It is also suitable for reconstructing houses, even where no chimney has previously existed,
  • It can be used for all fuels,
  • It offers a long service life due to the high-quality stainless steel construction,
  • Low weight of the chimney,
  • Easy and quick installation,
  • Stylish appearance.

Stainless steel chimney flue - chimneys for flue gas extraction of appliances using:

    • Gas: dry and wet operation (D1, W1), underpressure and overpressure (N1, P1),
    • Light heating oil and wood D2,
    • Solid fuels D3.
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